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What Is Our MedCard Technology?

iFOB is designing Medical Card Technology for the Medical Industry

What are the possible feature sets of the MedCard?

The MedCard can feature Bio-Identification, Vaccine Information, QR Codes, Finger Print Recognition and Patient Records that can be uploaded from our MedBase Cloud to your institutional Cloud

Can the MedCard address your needs?

The MedCard Technology can address the needs for Patients at Medical Facilities, Home Care Providers, Physician/Nursing Records Keeping and Emergency Responders

How can I design a MedCard for my Institution?

iFOB's MedCard Technology has several sample MedCards for areas of HIPAA Compliant Medical Records (Privacy at the Core), Vaccine Data, Digital Medical Passports, Clinical Trials, and much more

Are our MedCard Solutions Compliant?

iFOB is working with customers to adhere to their rules of engagement

How Intelligent Freight On Board Technology Work?

First of all we need to change the outdated Supply Chain Technology.  We will use Battery-Free product monitoring an include embedded Bluetooth Technology from production to recycling.

Why is Developing New Cargo Tech Important?

Due to the COVID Pandemic and Disruption of Global Shipping Ports, Cargo Vessels at Global Ports are not able to Get Products to Customers.  The Cost of Empty Shipping Containers is detrimental to the Supply Chain.  Products need to be monitored across Ports due to the current Stay-at-Home and shop environment

Why is Researching Keywords Important?

Google has said for years that the most important single factor to them is high quality content. Now more than ever, they have the ability.

Why Battery Free Product Labels and Solar Powered Video?

All products within the Supply Chain need to be accounted for.  The use of RFID or Barcode Technology is wasteful and out of date.  Artificial Intelligent Object Recognition Algorithms enable the identification of products, their location, expiration date and movement throughout the vehicle transit and Supply Chain

We Will Design Great Innovative Products

We have the Technology and the local San Diego Talent

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Entrust full-cycle implementation of your software product to our experienced BAs, UI/UX designers, developers.



Entrust full-cycle implementation of your software product to our experienced BAs, UI/UX designers, developers.